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I sat on bed and prepared to pray for the souls who have left us. Life has been long. I have been richly blessed with people that matter. That is also a sign of definite great losses. The more people you love, the more people meant for you, stronger the bonds, the more you were attached, the loss would be equal in magnitude. Starting from grandparents, a long line of loved-ones-lost stretched before my mind. They were special people. Inseparables. But they have gone.

With Covid 19 restrictions, we could not even attend Mass. We never really go to the…

“Did you go to see Jay’s new born?” Nilu asked me. “Yes, I managed to squeeze some time last weekend,” I replied. “It’s a pity the baby is dark, right? After all, Jay is quite fair in complexion,” Nilu went on. “But, Jay’s husband is quite dark. So, the baby is taking after him. Anyway, it is way too early to decide her complexion, Nilu. She is mere days old. How does it matter anyway?” I asked her. Nilu did not say anything. But her face reflected her thoughts.

Nilu is not alone in her sentiments. That is how it…

“Smells, like music, hold memories,” Arunadhati Roy has written. Smells hold memories. That is why some things are the hardest to forget. My obsession with smells go way back to my childhood. Mind you, I am often accused by my mother that my nose malfunctions with regard to stinking odors. Of course, I do not agree.

I remember the two bath towels my Mom and I had years ago. Both were blue but different shades. You know how it is with towels. Brand new they look crisp and radiant. But as time passes, they discolor a little. There came a…

Charm P

A writer, a poet <3

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